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Are there any other issues that happen to be crucial to you? We need to have better standards for pupils, far more online resources, and help for teachers. Education – Our public education system should be about opportunity in addition to being access for all those children, not about a race for the top. “visit this page is a district wherever we are able to send a powerful message to Washington: no longer are you going to decide to allow for your party rather than helping your constituents.” Based on the RealClearPolitics polling average, Delaney is leading by 18 points, that also includes a poll from Morning Consult on Tuesday that shows Delaney with 50 % of the vote to Helmer’s 33 %.

What does he think about the political climate? How is Dan Helmer practicing in the polls? In a video posted to his Facebook page, Helmer talks about the 10th District as “divided between people who have grown increasingly alienated from the current political system and those people who are disappointed with the politics of ours, but still help support the incumbent.” The district “isn’t split by party, it’s split between the people who support Washington as well as those who want genuine solutions,” he said.

What the public and politicians needs to do is look much more carefully at the complex issue of exactly how we create an honest city where everybody has equal opportunities. But within the long term, early childhood education will simply ever be half of the photo. In the very short term, there are many areas where early childhood education is going to make a positive change – for example, helping children attain their maximum academic opportunity and help them become socially aware, resilient, able and independent to contribute to society.

I’m enthusiastic about getting this particular proper and I really believe it’s vitally important to modernize our infrastructure which includes the transportation systems of ours, the broadband and energy grids as well as making serious investments in water, wastewater and waste treatment. Aging Infrastructure – our crumbling infrastructure throws Virginians at risk every day. Dan Helmers diverse committee memberships reflect the commitment of his to serving his constituents across a wide spectrum of issues.

From environmental conservation to scientific innovation and public safety, the work of his on these committees helps you shape the future of Virginia. Besides his legislative committee roles, Helmer chaired the Virginia Democratic caucuss campaign committee, taking part in a strategic part in political campaigns without accepting corporate donations. Moreover, Helmer happens to be endorsed by VoteVets PAC, the original and biggest progressive group of experts.

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